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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
To my "models" ...sorry for the delay. I haven't forgotten you.

Abe, for some reason I really struggled with this one. No, I got th eyes wrong. Let's try again. No, I got the mouth wrong. Try again. No, the face shape isn't right. The hair's wrong - back to the drawing board. What colour were his Yammies again? And so on ... I have another head in the file with both eyes open. And another head where you like you're 18 years old. Mix and match heads!

Hope you like small, pampered dogs :)
Lol, Pol.. wonderful, thank you! You made me look much younger than I am.. and whats with that Salvador Dali lower lip? Its melting off my face. and the Pirate eye..?

Well yeah, but you did catch a vibe!... The true skill test of a good toonist..

My pooch is Leo and he's not small ( The original Scooby Doo personified ) who loves nothing more that resting his head 2 inches from my bass drum and sleeping through all the rehearsals. Musically, he is quite democractic. My other two, who've moved on were called Jaco & Mingus, so you're not that far off on the Jazz pooch. : )

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