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Default Re: My "Wall of Shame".

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
That reminds me - did you try taping that washy ride you posted a while ago?
Haven't yet, only time I've been in my space since your suggestion is when I've been with a band, by default I pull out the A Medium. Thanks for the reminder!

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
I think we should call this one "The Oddity Museum" for all broken, beat items.
Bring it on! I've become a fan of the randomness at which cymbals fall apart, I'd love to see how other people chew through their gear.

Originally Posted by Drifter in the Dark View Post
@ jer: I noticed that all these cymbals are thin...may I suggest upgrading to medium-thin or medium weight? It would probably make a world of difference (Just my $.02).
Not pictured is an old 18" Zildjian that I believe was part of a set of concert crashes, it was quite heavy and not spared from the wrath of recklessness that I put it through. I agree these cymbals were on the thin side for the type of music I was playing (especially the AAX Studios), I am however not convinced a heavier cymbal would last any longer than a thin when subject to the abuse these guys went through.

The A Customs were the last to be broken and replaced with Projections, which are holding up just fine since toning down on the amount of crash-riding I had been doing with the louder bands I'm no longer with. I do appreciate the feedback, though.

Humorously, since leaving the louder bands, I've been contemplating switching out the Projections for something thinner, I do prefers me the sound of lighter cymbals...
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