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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

no one really knows what kind of hi-hats he used. some people say that he used paiste 2002 13" medium hats. others say that he used paiste 602 which are not made anymore either way I don't think anyone can recreate copelands hi-hat work. oh and gettting back to the conversation above...stewart copeland admited that he would some times do extra drum work in the recording process like message in a bottle sounds different live in some of the cymbal work. there was also the echo machine he work with that he put alot of his equipment through like his hi-hats on walking on the moon. he then stated that he did not redo anyof hid drum work after a while. one world (not three) wasthe first take of that song!!! one of his best drumming songs ever. I too have the DVD and the complete recordings so that added to my knowlege of stewart copeland and that after he inspired me to play drums I spent everyday researching him. the other thing is that he could play reggae which changes everyone's knowlege of druming, he was raised on jazz started with punk with the police then moved in to rock regge fusion. the best (rock) drummer out there.
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