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Default Re: My "Wall of Shame".

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
EEK! I'm a pretty hard hitter, but I don't think I've broken that many cymbals in my entire life!

Unfortunately, this is not my entire collection of trashed pies.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
jer, it appears you chose your partner well :)
Doesn't prevent her from reminding me that I need to clear some of it out on a weekly basis! :) But yes, she is very supportive of all that is me and my music and the hoarding that goes along with having GAS.

As far as the cutting down / lathing goes, I suppose if I was in need of / wanting more cymbals I'd consider it, but I'm happy with my current setup. If I were to get any of them worked on, I'd probably play them once and put them back on the wall... I'd rather the constant reminder of broken pies, that I need to keep my technique in line.
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