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Default Re: Michael Derosier

part of the reason that the drums sounded like Bonham is because Ann and Nancy wanted it that way- that is what I have read anyhow - and the rest of the band was infatuated as well I am sure, but if you listen to a lot of other classic Heart tunes, you will not find Bonzo style playing there at all, but a lot of very individualistic and tasty stuff - Magic Man (the triplets on the hi-hat in that drum track are the perfect touch) and Crazy On You come to mind, but there are plenty of examples. "Straight On, Even It Up, Dog and Butterfly...

and who cares if he wanted to use the same drum set-up are Bonham - lots of people have used that setup and have ripped off Bonham - that is not a reason to dislike or leave a drummer off this site. Shoot, when I was up and coming I always wanted to have Roger Taylor's Luddie setup from the liner of the "Jazz" album. That triple rack tom with rotos over the floor toms just made me drool. Everyone emulates their heroes to a certain extent.

As far as other work goes, Michael also payed with Alias and Orion The Hunter, both very unappreciated groups, not to mention the work he has done with Roger Fisher in Clever Bastards - a fantastic band. These are not top 40 groups to be sure, but then again neither was Heart for the most part.

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