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Default Re: Michael Derosier

There are a lot of drummers who are not represented here. It's up to Bernhard who makes it on here. I would agree that Michael Derosier should be on here, just for his involvement with Heart. Come to think of it, I don't know if he ever did anything else.

The only thing that irritates me about Michael Derosier is that he is (was) such a Bonham wanna-be, that he had the nerve to use Bonham's same exact set-up, including gong and tympani's! Hell, he even copied Bonham's hairstyle! His playing ripped Bonham off too. Listen to Barracuda, and tell me he didn't rip off the beat to The Immigrant Song. Just one of many examples.

Look, I know Bonham influenced thousands of drummers, including myself. Bonham himself was influenced by Rich, Krupa, Baker, and others, so nothing Bonham did was new, but he made it sound like you were hearing it for the first time because of his unique feel. But, influence is one thing, blatantly ripping off another drummers EVERYTHING is another. Maybe that's why Bernhard has not included him on Drummerworld?
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