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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

See, I don't see how Kenny G is "wrong," I just don't. Obviously for a lot of people he's "right," just like for lot of people the Black Eyed Peas are "right."

Joe Lovano is one of the best jazz saxophone players out there, he's doing well with his career and he's also a hell of nice guy, and he doesn't seem to give a row of pins about Kenny G.

Why Pat Metheny does is his business, of course, but Metheny's done very, very well for himself, he's played his music on his own terms and he's made a good bit of money doing it.

You know. Nobody else's success in any way diminishes your own efforts or achievements. Okay, American society is pretty plastic and mediocre but that doesn't at all have to reflect or impact on what you're about. Who would want it to?

Anyway, people have been saying how stupid society is getting for thousands of years. I think you have to be very firm and very sure about what it is that you want to and then be happy with what you've achieved.
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