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Default Re: My "Wall of Shame".

Originally Posted by Masheanhed View Post
Wonder if you took the ones that are broken on the outside edge to a machine shop and had them cut down if they would sound any good? Like cut them down from a 17"/16" to a 14" or so (just enough to clear the damaged part).

Just a thought...what would you have to lose?
Actually I have a friend who does that. I would give him my broken cymbals not knowing, or caring, what he planned for them. Then one day he gave me an unusual looking cymbal as a gift, and told me that is was one of my old cracked ones. It was just like you said: an 18 or 19 that was cut down to a 16.25" and relathed all the way across to smooth the taper.

It actually sounds really cool. His kit has 3 or 4 that were treated this way. and the only one that didn't turn out very well was a 2oo2. Something about the B8 made it difficult to lathe.
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