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Default Re: Five Finger Death Punch

Originally Posted by geeza View Post
I'm a lyric guy. If a song starts out and the first line is , for example " I like your pants around your feet" (Nickleback), or something lame like " Step up to me Motherf****r ". Then i'm done with it. There is a market for it and yes someone will buy into it., but it's so overdone, a total yawn fest. At least go out and buy a thesaurus. The commercialized aspect of the music by itself doesn't bother me so much even though FFDP didn't arouse me in the riff department.
Five Finger Death Punch doesn't arouse you in the riff department?

The line "step to me motherfukker" comes from their song "the way of the fist", and just so happens to have an incredible main riff.
Everytime I hear it it pumps me up.
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