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Default Re: My "Wall of Shame".

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
lol - it looks like you were hungry, jer. Tossing up whether it's a good advertisement for Zildjians and Sabians.

Our former rehearsal studio was a haven for dead gear by the end of the night. The destruction of drumsticks is truly awesome, especially for someone who hasn't broken a stick (or competed with Marshalls) in decades.

Are you living with your partner? If so, any thoughts on your wall from that end?
As far as the advertisement for either company goes, at least it's not all one or the other - they both are subject to breakage equally.

It's amazing how when I left the bands that were the owners of the aforementioned stacks, my cymbal and stick destruction has practically gone nil.

Yes, I live with my partner. Considering that the following is also in my apartment, the wall is the least of her concerns...

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