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Default Re: New HHX groove & evolution

This is what I got:

HHX 13 evolution hats
HHX 16 evolution crash
HHX 18 evolution crash
HHX 20 evolution ride
HHX 21 groove ride (matt)

I paid 1000 euro for this new set - excluding the evolution ride which I traded - after getting a discount (they first cost 1500). I sold my previous cymbals for a decent price as well.

I chose the evolution hats because they were more precise and had more body than groove hats. Evolution hats are surprisingly crisp without being clangy. They are heavier - top & bottom - than groove hats and feel firm to the foot. Despite their initial brightness, you also hear some dirt and complexity.

Groove hats were more smoky, had more sizzle and blend better. Both hats have a soft touch.

Like written in a previous thread, evolution crashes are very thin, very sensitive and have a very short decay. Despite this, they do feel full-bodied. The 16" is very fast but doesn't choke like some fast crashes do (although it does peak soon). The 18" - slower - has a larger sound spectrum without being overwhelming like other crashes this size. The volume is controlled, which is positive, but if you lay into the 18" you get a big roar.

I have both the 20" evolution ride - which I traded - and the 21" groove ride, bought new. I definitely prefer the latter. The evolution ride is pingy but it's light enough to crash. What I don't like about it is its bright, hard, pingy touch. The overtones are dark but the attack is bright. Great if you like pingy rides that you can also crash. Similar to a much lighter version of the K custom ride.

The groove ride is more traditional and its touch is much softer. Think of it as a darker Armand ride. The best thing about this cymbal is its response. Play it soft or in the centre and you get good definition with just enough undertones. Play with more strength or on the edge and you get a lot of wash. The bell is big but rather thin, so it's not too loud. It's so responsive because of a low profile and a gradual taper. It's also quite light, weighing less than the evolution ride despite being an inch bigger. I'm actually afraid of cracking it because the edge is so thin.

This said, the cymbal is well-suited for soft to louder playing. Very versatile. Of course, if you always hit hard or use clubs for sticks, you'll get a one-dimensional wash. The same applies to the evolution ride.
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