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Default Re: George Kollias here...

I know it's a drummer's forum and we all talk about drums, speed, technique etc. but there is something else great going on here too! We can talk like friends with some of the greatest drummers in the world! George is one of them! Gavin Harrison is another one! Todd Sucherman a third one and many more of course! What i mean is that we have to say a huge bravo and thank you to all you guys because you find some time to talk with us...the mortal ones! It's great honor for me and i want to believe that all of the drummers who write in this thread feel the same! And i can say from experience that George Kollias is one of the best drummers and one the greatest guys out there!

And some drum ideas now...George if you find some time listen to this...
I've been practicing doubles on the feet for some time now and i played in the beginning of the song and generally i play a lot of foot-based patterns that are really challenging!
I'm waiting for a comment when you're able to write one!
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