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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
I am not the jazz drummer that Stan is, and anyway musicians are always getting up each others' ass.

But all of us here have a lot more in common than not. So, let's find what it is that we all have in common, I say. And you know what? We're still going to get up each other's ass!
OK, What do I have in common with the rest of you? lets see;

1) I listen to all styles of music from Classical to Hip-Hop. I like music, period.

2) I play Rock, R&B, Country, and Contemporary Bluegrass with bands. Those are the musical styles that I am most comfortable with.

3) I play Jazz privately for fun and insight. I sit down with some jazz musicians now and then to improv and jam. I don't play Jazz for an audience. I play Jazz at what I would call a mid-intermediate level. I have learned a great deal from Jazz and I incorporate some of what I have learned into the music that I play.

4) I take my playing seriously. I study and learn all that I can with the free time that I have available to me.

5) I feel that music is all about artistic expression and every musician should be free to express themselves in the way that they see fit.
I don't want to be a judge of anyone. If I don't like what is being played, I simply don't say anything and I don't listen.
I kind of like old drums:)
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