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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Stan, This goes out to you.
A few months ago you posted some great vids of your playing.
I sent links to some musician friends of mine that explained that you were a friend on mine whose drumming I admired, Etc.
Keep in mind that only one of these people play jazz.
Everyone commented with polite statements that said something like this. I don't really understand jazz, but it sounded pretty good to me! Yada,Yada,Yada! They all said nice things about you and your band.
The guitar player who studied and plays jazz sent me a seven paragraph email that described in detail everything that he thought that was wrong with the performance!
Of course he didn't say what was correct!
I read the email, Deleted it, and I moved on with my life!
Get my point?
I kind of like old drums:)
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