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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I thought that was called Pat Boone syndrome? :-P
DED, you're a sharp one! Great piece about PSB here.

However, I've not heard Our Ken produce anything that approaches this work of sheer magnificence! Brings a smile to my face every time :)

Originally Posted by Steamer
... we are more and more being conditioned and trained to treat music as a form a mere background fooder ...a social form of a pure background/ ignore function and "drug and sedate" the listener without any listener interaction or challenges on that recieving end..... I call it a evil form of a "comfort" zone. That was my point on "elevator music" which is becoming more of the standard "norm" in general society.
A lot of this is due to globalisation, growing world population densities and how these forces have increased competitiveness in every area of every society. People must work longer hours, struggle more to pay exorbitant mortgages, their kids have more needs (eg. out of school tuition and other extracurricular activities, technology), and everything takes longer to do. No matter what you want to do, there's another bloody queue. On a bad day it takes me almost an hour to drive 10 kilometres (6-7 miles) to visit Dad on the weekend.

In this time-poor environment people simply don't have the time or energy to devote to engaging with the arts in a meaningful way. Often they struggle even to engage satisfactorily with their partners and children.

Once people had time to really focus on the arts - to drink deep. Now they don't. The music reflects this. Once people were surrounded by organic things and now we're increasingly surrounded by concrete, steel and plastic. The music reflects this. Kenny G's Prozac plastic pop jazz reflects this. Young people get angry because they are offended by the plastic spirituality around them and we have nu metal comprised of of the ingredients surrounding them - concrete, steel and plastic. Either that or they dive into that pool of molten plastic because that's all they know.

Where's the organic blues and jazz and folk and rock n roll gone? These are musics of nature and human connection (the type that occurs when you have time to connect). They have largely been logged, mined and generally swamped by the sounds of industry. The suits are the high priests of over-populated competition. They are delivering the last rites.

Excuse me while I slip off to the bathroom to slash my wrists lol - no, better to listen to Captain Beefheart again. The song nicely describes the situation IMO
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