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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
There are purest followers for other forms of music that are angered when their fav band does a pop recording.
I spent about a year during the mid seventies following the Dead.
The purist members of that cult will not own a studio recorded Dead album.
I never understood them either.
Many of them have never listened to any other music that didn't have a member from the Dead playing on it.
Bob, nothing like a bit of necrophilia, eh?

I was disappointed when The Tubes went commercial but I could understand their reasons - they had a super-expensive stage show and were too left-of-centre to keep the suits happy. The John Wetton started playing AOR with Asia but, again, he'd paid his dues and been involved in some great music so it was hard to begrudge his wish to be in a popular band.

GD, a bit of aural squinting helps (nice quote, Bob BTW) ... it can help you enjoy music that you'd otherwise find a drag. Just as long as you can turn it on and off; if it's habitual it becomes too easy to miss the juicy stuff in quality performances.

It's like suspension of disbelief in movies with preposterous plots and thin character development but are a fun ride if you don't take it seriously (eg. Avatar).

I have never been able to aurally squint hard enough to enjoy boy bands, though. I find those groups are most fun with the sound turned off ...
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