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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Damn DED, I was with you all the way apart from the crack again the WS. I love 'em! There's no way they are equivalent to Kenny G. (haha, you knew I'd bite :)

The Kenny G equivalent would be "RnB" (by today's definition) - a boy band crooning about lurve and almost managing to sound sincere if you aurally squint. I liked it better when something like The Stones's Aint Too Proud To Beg was considered to be RnB.

You're right and it comes back to what I was saying about the freedom that comes with being an outsider - someone who calls their own shots and doesn't care about adhering to the party line. Once artists have been "welcomed to the machine" then they inevitably experience suit pressure. Where there be money, there be suits.

The message coming through in recent posts is, no matter how much stuff you don't like is out there, the good stuff is there too if you look for it. I can sympathise with those playing music for a living, though. If you're a jazzer you really don't want to be pressured to Kenny-ise your music. Wow, Kenny-ise could one day find its way into the urban dictionary :)
Kenny-ise v. (Kenny-ize, U.S.)
var. Kenny-ised; Kenny-ising; Kenny-isation

To render something (usually music) bland in order to improve accessibility.

: dumb down; neuter; boybandinate
Antonyms: spice up; revitalise

Example of usage: Cecil Taylor refused to Kenny-ise his music, despite intense pressure from the suits. He is now driving cabs.
LOL! There it is! Funny as hell, and right on the money!
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