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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Why does everything have to be reduced to the ignore and background function for the listener?{elevator music}. Ties into more and more experiences i've had in clubs where people just jabber out loud about nothing the whole time no matter how good the music is on stage in front of them. We live in a ever increasingly detatched society in the way we interact with music i'm afraid the way we are currently trained and conditioned to view music. I was taught to listen to and respect the value of music growing up years back not to constantly ignore it or consider it as a mere "pleasant" background fodder experience. So many people don't like music they CAN"T ignore in our average society...believe that's part of the problem and evil allure of BG crap everywhere you go these thought process or interaction to rock the happy boat. Teaches you NOT to listen or emotionally interact with the music and numbs and dumbs down what could be a more {hopefully} satisying musical experience. Danger Will Robinson...!!

Polly's right...times are a changing and not for the better in my book.
You know the whole background thing is about safety, Stan. The minute you play music with any edge there will be someone to complain about it. That was my point about what to play if the boss and important client is coming over for dinner. Sure, if the boss is musically involved then Kenny will be bad for your cred, but a lot of people have no idea and if Kenny's in the background they won't even notice it, and it helps fill awkward spaces in conversations. Mission accomplished.

A few years ago at work I was playing Herbie's Cantaloupe Island and when it got intense I was asked to turn it off because it was distracting. So I put on some Eno.

I hate it when people yabber over music in jazz clubs. If it's a mediocre band, ok, but I've seen it during brilliant performances from genuine artists plenty of times. I should say that I was first annoyed by this in the 1970s. Most people are less into music than we are and for them live jazz either provides pleasant background and/or gives them a veneer of social sophistication.

Danger Will Robinson? lol alas, Dr Smith has been busy sabotaging the scene while we weren't looking. Now he's taken over command of the Jupiter II :(

Ken, no argument from me. Trouble is, Pat's decades late. It's not an insight. It's like railing about heavy traffic in London. All you can do is take the subway or walk instead.
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