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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Originally Posted by acegeister View Post
Thank you for actually speaking what you feel. Seems like everyone is worshiping White in this thread when the simple fact of the matter is, as a drummer, she sucks. I know minimalism has it's place in drumming but she's not even minimal, she's just flat out bad. Quarter notes and 8th notes just banging incessantly on 2 drums and a cymbal for an entire album, no accents, no dynamics. That is not minimalistic art, that is luck; If she didn't have Jack leading the way with his riffs, she'd certainly not be making a living playing the crap she does. She sounds like, well like you said, someone who doesn't even really know how to play the drums. I'd doubt if she could even diddle.

JT1, you put it very well. I don't think limiting herself has anything to do with it either; I think what she does is really all she can do. I like my share of WS songs, but on the same note, I can't get through an entire Stripes album front to back because she is so painful to listen to for more than a few songs.
"Worshipping"? By all means disagree, but don't misrepresent us. Bill Bruford is my fave drummer and I don't even worship him - some of his tracks are better than others. That kind of misrepresentation really peeves me. Check Dairyman's last post - it hits the button.

WS music sounds great (to many people, including drummers) and she's part of the band. She handles space amazingly well for someone so unschooled.

Most drummers at her skill level play bad-sounding fills (to show how "good" they are). They get out of time. They can't hold the tempo steady. They lose focus on what the song is about. The kick and backbeat volume is inconsistent. They forget arrangements. When they come back in after breaks they're often a bit late or early - all the standard newbie pitfalls.

So IMO it's refreshing to see a simple player stick within her ability - with zero ego or delusions of grandeur - and execute songs at a level acceptable for professional recordings. Jack White came up with a great concept and Meg fulfills her role well. When I hear her play it always makes me think that that's what I should have done when I started drumming in the 70s instead of being pseudo-flash and sloppy.

That's not worship. That's just giving credit where it's due and realising that there's more to being a musician than being fancy. I hate it when people dis players unfairly. Yes, she has super-basic technique. That's a fair comment. But that doesn't make her a bad drummer. The mistakes I listed above are what makes a bad drummer.

Like any accompanist, the whole point is not to focus on her playing. The idea of her simple lines is to push the listener's attention to the lead voice, in this case Jack's vocals and guitar. She's just there to add the vibe.

Acegeister, how about entering the Seven Nation Army competition and overlaying a 7/8 over the tune, playing over the bar line and resolving every 28 bars ... first cycle would end halfway through the riff after the first turnaround if you count from when the drums come in.

Hmm, come to think of it, that sounds like an exercise tailor-made for you, Thaard! *grin*

I can't play loud at home so I'll have to do a lame bongos or djembe rendition - or maybe brushes lol. Hope someone can find a SNA drum karaoke track soon!
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