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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It's mostly pop/rock/dance on radio in Oz too I don't hear metal in Oz radio although I'm sure there's a station or two. I have noticed more metal appearing in TV ads aimed at appealing to young guys.

I'm hoping that metal doesn't get huge here as it has in Scandinavia and the US. I only like a few metal numbers, most of them by either Tool or RATM. I'm a King Crimson nut but their metal side leaves me cold, apart from LTIA. The minute there's Cookie Monsters or machine gun grooves, I'm out. I'd rather hear WS any day.

Metal ain't what it used to be. Now Black Sabbath, that was fun. But this growl growl boogidy boogidy stuff ... gimme a break! lol Where's the charm? Ozzy had it!

I can hardly make out anything that the growlers are saying and when I do it's normally just young men's angst. Wowie zowie. The weird thing is that every metalhead I meet is a fair dinkum lovely guy. I can't put the two together - these fun, intelligent, easygoing guys and this maniacally angry music. I can only guess that they're getting it out of their systems. There might be some value to musical Gestalt therapy that acts as a safety valve, but I's rather not hear it. There ya go. Some of you think WS are primitive and I think modern metal is ugly. No accounting for taste, eh?

Wow, that was a rant ... probably been reading too much Pat Methany talking about Kenny G.

Thaard, I'd love to play Seven Nation Army ... just sit there going thump thump thump with attitude for half a song. Bring it on, I say :)

EDIT: Dios, I agree with Peter E in that more headroom = more "on the button" minimalist playing. It depends on the style though. The lack of headroom in WS creates a certain feel that's appealing. It wouldn't work as well played slick and precise. Dave Grohl has done well for himself too, even though he wouldn't have anywhere near as much headroom as Peter E.
I am one of those guys! I work at trader joes making small talk with people for a living and I love it.

Off the clock.... I rather prefer the technically demanding music because I feel accomplished to learn it, to make the jagged fluid.... I view it as a very complicated kind of skill building routine. I am not really an angry guy, I am so lucky to have the life I do and I love every second of it.

I do hate Nickelback with a burning passion, and I guess some of that aggression towards the money beaters and sell outs is channeled alongside my devotion.

Check out the song on my myspace profile in my sig, "work in progress - OCTOCLOPS" thats a drum machine behind it, because the recording was done before I joined, but the stuff is absolutely insane. It starts out with a riff that is 3 bars 5, 1 bar 4, repeats it like 4 times, goes into a repeat of a 3 bar phrase that is 5-7-5, 3 bars 5, but the second bar has a 2 count fill tacked on the end of it... the rest of the set list is about as insane, alternating meter is a big thing with these guys (usually more straight forward like 7+9 which adds up to 16 counts, or 4 bars of 10/4 which adds up to 10 bars of 4 etc)

The way I play this song, is to build up and back off with each riff. First repetition, start off skeletal, last repetition have a really full beat to go into it with. The drum machine is monotonous and tasteless, because it was programmed by a guitar player, but I have a really fun time playing with dynamic and space (crowded vs minimalist) in this song. The style I use is progrock/jazz fusion groove syncopations blended with death metal blast beat intensities.

As a result, my timekeeping in odd meters is solid, I write out my parts for that project note for note and listen back to them to find out what fits the music best, my metronome ability is right where it should be, and I am technically capable of playing anything any genre I am interested in with amateur ability because I can move my hands and feet anyway I me more focus to develop feel and mastery because I can technically handle the stuff. That's why I do it, and it's never all we do, hope this wall of text gave you a little insight. Metal is the current frontier for experimental/technical music while we wait for the future wave of electronica to take root.

As for meg white, the white stripes gimmick was that they were so classically amateur that they made people a little nostalgic, these Popstitutes really shouldn't kid themselves: they couldn't write anything outside of their bands "style" to save their lives. Whereas, I as a growing drummer can handle many genres with the wide array of tools I am developing. Not tooting my horn, just saying students regularly overtake these guys with musical talent, taste, ability, and EVERYTHING else EXCEPT greater following.

McDonald's is going to make a million times more money with its crowds because its so cheap and appeals to a everyones taste, delicacies produced at the classiest of restaurants will probably not appeal to everyone because of comfort zones etc. (all the chefs who are truly passionate/learned "technical prowess" along the journey are far away from McDonald's, and 100% at these restaurants.)

I listen to Mr. Bungle, the Mars Volta, Sonic Youth, Iwrestledabearonce, etc. because I am not the type to take mass produced things the maker assumes I'll like... I will instead go for something more adventurous just for the experience, and afterwards, simple generic things are dispelled of their illusion as anything but bland and ordinary. Virtuosity in minimalism fixes this. (previous post had it dead on) I guess that's why I grew out of meg white at the age of 14, but still have many beautifully natural and simple pieces of music on my Ipod.

Mr. White can take his celebrity romances and fancy bags, and remember the next time he can't for the life of him come up with anything innovative and original, that we out here can and do everyday, and that's what keeps us out of the mainstream/creative harm's way. I'm just happy to be learning, I'll never be reduced to making jealousy remarks because someone better can point out where I can improve... I treasure those criticisms. Keep hooking suckers for money, don't expect respect for it.

I bet you guys would never guess I am trying to cut down overplaying in my material after seeing the length of this reply!! =P

9 years of blasturbation.
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