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Originally Posted by Destroyone View Post
The bottom line is this. His engineer did a hell of a recording job and THAT'S who deserves the credit for JB's 'BIG' sound. A good sound engineer is worth his weight in gold, an excellent one is priceless....and most of you know you can take THAT to the bank. ESPECIALLY when it comes to drum recording and live stage mix.
I don't dispute the value of a good engineer by any measure. But it was indeed Page who can take the credit for any Zepp sounds captured on tape. No doubt about that.

He even made a point of displaying this by using a different engineer on every album. That was not 'by circumstance' but 'by design'. Don't forget JP was a seasoned session guitarist and arranger before he formed Zeppelin. He was no stranger to the inside of a recording studio by any means.

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