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Originally Posted by Ethan01 View Post
Oh. My. God. At the animosity here... i'm embarrassed by the people here who call themselves "musicians" talking like this about another. Is it mostly out of jealousy, ego, or what...? And I'm a little confused, there was a thread about Meg White where people stood up to her, well, who's going to stand up for Travis? I guess I'll begin...

Travis is an inspiration. His dying mother told him to "do what he likes best", so he decided to make a living being a drummer. His style is exactly what Blink182 needed. Listen to songs like "adam's song", "first date", "the rock show", etc. He's a great recording artist, multiple #1 hits with Blink. When playing live, he get's the energy pumping. His style is fast, furious, punchy. And without him, Blink182 wouldn't be where they are. Soooo.... ok I'm done now =)
That's just like..your opinion, man.

I mean, I'm not saying he's this terrible drummer who should never have set foot behind a kit. I'm just saying that I don't like listening to him. I was one of the ones defending Meg White, too. Yeah, it's simple and easy, but I would rather listen to her play than him. Just my opinion.
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