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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
He was usually tidier than Mitch and funkier than Ian Paice, although those guys were more nimble. Different qualities, all enjoyable. Ian, Mitch, JB and Aynsley Dunbar were my first drum idols in the 70s. I don't feel JB can be compared with Billy C - different genres. Actually, I'm not sure anyone can be compared with Billy C in his with Mahavishnu period - that was white magic.
I have always felt the same. Mitch was always very busy, but sloppy and often off beat, at least in live performances (Woodstock comes to mind), particularly in his fills. Not that JB couldn't wander on his timing (everybody knows about his alcohol consumption in live performances), but Mitch Mitchell just never impressed me that much because of those imperfections. I actually like Hendrix better under Band of Gypsies because of the solid groove that Miles laid down. It was something Mitch was just incapable of.
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