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Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
Meg White, the worlds most irritating metronome. Theres more to my hate though. When I used to play concerts and stuff with my old band, everyone wanted to try my drums, and they all wanted to play seven nation army! I had to start refusing, since my sticks and cymbals were being bashed to pieces by people who had never played the drums..
Thank you for actually speaking what you feel. Seems like everyone is worshiping White in this thread when the simple fact of the matter is, as a drummer, she sucks. I know minimalism has it's place in drumming but she's not even minimal, she's just flat out bad. Quarter notes and 8th notes just banging incessantly on 2 drums and a cymbal for an entire album, no accents, no dynamics. That is not minimalistic art, that is luck; If she didn't have Jack leading the way with his riffs, she'd certainly not be making a living playing the crap she does. She sounds like, well like you said, someone who doesn't even really know how to play the drums. I'd doubt if she could even diddle.

JT1, you put it very well. I don't think limiting herself has anything to do with it either; I think what she does is really all she can do. I like my share of WS songs, but on the same note, I can't get through an entire Stripes album front to back because she is so painful to listen to for more than a few songs.
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