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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats


HAHAHAHA that is the most absurd thing you have ever typed. Your take on it?? That means your interpratation and possibly not everyone elses. So why continue to tell everyone they have it all wrong when they are also intitled to their take on it?[/QUOTE]

Because Pat's simple logic of the whole situation seems painfully obvious to those coming from a similar point of view on it. Not just me but many others jazz musicians out there feel exactly the same and express a similar point of view about it either in public or in private.

To try and manipulate it to make it right by trying to discredit Pat M.'s valid point of view is just plain wrong in my books. I'm sure others feel the same whether they have the guts to call it out on a open forum is another question. I don't have any problem with that as you can see......

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