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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats


Ken, I don't disrespect Pat Metheny as a musician. It strikes me that he's angry because a competitor in his market is cutting in on his market share with a less sophisticated product, and a product he doesn't believe belongs in his marketplace. So he tried to discredit his main competitor - a common business practice. I expect his attention-seeking rant will have boosted his sales while gaining him extra brownie points with those who value romanticism more than logic. Not a bad coup. I think Larry's idea of a satirical number would be more dignified and effective. Maybe even use wit instead of abuse?


Oh're are missing the whole point of Pat's point of view on the KG/ LA issue as i've indicated already in detail from my take on it COUNTLESS times from the perspective of another jazz musician. In Pat's case he has a right to express this very LOGICAL point of view on the subject about what he said about KG. To champion what you believe by introducing other more devious scenarios yet again into the mix could have been just plain funny if it wasn't totally sad by missing the whole point of the whole endeavor yet again by a royal mile.

Ken can give you his own take on your latest conspriracy theory if he wishes......

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