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Destroyone, I don't agree with some of your evaluations but that was an entertaining read :)

Originally Posted by Destroyone
A good sound engineer is worth his weight in gold, an excellent one is priceless
Couldn't agree more. However, no matter who's calling the shots or twiddling the knobs you have to give credit to the humble tub thumper who's doing the actual part. I think you undersold JB there. He really did play with a pleasing amount of oomph and groove, and it wasn't all someone else's vision.

Originally Posted by Destroyone
I still rate my TOP favorite drummers as Rich, Mitchell, Paice, and Cobham. Compared to these three? Bonham doesn't even come close
His major appeal to me is his feel. For a big hitter JB had lovely touch. He passes the acid test of a drummer - did he make the songs feel good? Yes he did! [sic]. Most of his tracks are a pleasure to listen to - either within the band sound or just focusing on the drums. If there's a rock drummer who's playing could be described as "sexy" it would be JB on those first two albums.

He was usually tidier than Mitch and funkier than Ian Paice, although those guys were more nimble. Different qualities, all enjoyable. Ian, Mitch, JB and Aynsley Dunbar were my first drum idols in the 70s. I don't feel JB can be compared with Billy C - different genres. Actually, I'm not sure anyone can be compared with Billy C in his with Mahavishnu period - that was white magic.
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