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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
It takes a lot of security and confidence in one's time feel to leave space between the notes. ... lt like I wasn't trying hard enough or something. ... Luckily that all changed, and now, many times during gigs, I am not riding at all. Just kick and snare, and my right hand is just hanging there. ... Riding quarter notes (where appropriate) sounds so good to me now, because I am secure enough in my time feel that I don't feel the need to mark time every 1/10 of a second. Space in drumbeats sounds great to me now and Meg uses it to her full advantage.
Well done, Larry! That's a good skill you've learned. Ringo was another who could leave those gaps without any riding. Listen to this bass/drum track of A Day in the Life (can't remember who originally posted it but his blood is worth bottling). An aspect of rock drumming that's not always given due attention is the ability to come back in after a stop with real impact - every time. Ringo did that and Meg is good at it too. A necessary survival trait in the WS.

I guess this must put me in the "Meg ROX" camp ... "ROX" ... ha! I feel like I just shaved decades off my life - a wonderful thing given that yesterday I "celebrated" my 100th birthday (ok, it just felt like that).

Maybe we need to create The Meg White Challenge? Create a drum track for Seven Nation Army that's more effective than the original.
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