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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

It takes a lot of security and confidence in one's time feel to leave space between the notes. I used to not be able to ride quarter notes, I couldn't deal with that much space, though it felt like I wasn't trying hard enough or something. Wrong approach. Luckily that all changed, and now, many times during gigs, I am not riding at all. Just kick and snare, and my right hand is just hanging there. And it works great. People look at me sometimes when I do that, and it's like they're saying to themselves.."He's not even using his main hand?!?!" Riding quarter notes (where appropriate) sounds so good to me now, because I am secure enough in my time feel that I don't feel the need to mark time every 1/10 of a second. Space in drumbeats sounds great to me now and Meg uses it to her full advantage.
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