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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
It has no real substance when directly compared to anymore actually applying the art form of jazz in a credible sense. To call it jazz diminishes the efforts and contributions of others in my view to lump it all into one.

Leads to the defining lines getting completely blurred as just stated where the real jazz musicians are asked by the general public why don't you play "jazz" {?} music and tunes just like KG? Crazy s....

Sad winners...for those still in the jazz trenches.
But what can be done? Kenny's audience looks for his work in jazz sections of shops because they see it as jazz. There's no other reason for the music to be classified as such in shops - they obviously make more #$$ by putting his CDs in the jazz section.

In terms of public perception the definition of "jazz" now includes music with jazzlike sonics but doesn't have jazz spirit. The decisions as to what genre music belongs to (in the opinion of the general public) ends up with 1) the marketeers and 2) the masses. Not musicians. Ironically, our opinions don't count.

This means that weird things happen. Look at metal. It's reached a point where the original heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, isn't even considered to be metal any more because Ozzy sang melodies (of sorts :) and there were hardly any machine gun rhythms. How about RnB? I'd always associated the term "RnB" with bands like The Stones and Dr Feelgood. Suddenly RnB means boy bands with equivalent musical values to Kenny G.

We're getting older. The world is changing and the old landmarks we once recognised are being bulldozed down and replaced with shiny new skyscrapers, yuppie apartments and McDonalds and Starbucks. Dad felt that way in the 60s. If there's an electric guitar involved he switches off - he likes the sound of horns and the old big bands. His Mum felt that way in the 30s - she thought that the "new jazz stuff" he liked was coarse and shallow. She liked waltzes.

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I think the fact that posters would disrespect him says more than anything else to my 'big ears.'
Ken, I don't disrespect Pat Metheny as a musician. It strikes me that he's angry because a competitor in his market is cutting in on his market share with a less sophisticated product, and a product he doesn't believe belongs in his marketplace. So he tried to discredit his main competitor - a common business practice. I expect his attention-seeking rant will have boosted his sales while gaining him extra brownie points with those who value romanticism more than logic. Not a bad coup. I think Larry's idea of a satirical number would be more dignified and effective. Maybe even use wit instead of abuse?

Yes, there's more plastic in the music scene today than suits me but plastic is all the rage. Never mind jazz - rock's gone 10 times more plastic. I would love organic qualities to become popular again but perhaps in an increasingly synthesised, plastic world it makes sense that people are increasingly responding to more machine-like music?
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