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Default Re: Instruments you enjoy playing!!!

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
What do you mean by complete?
forgive me for jumping in, but i would say it has the widest pitch range (for example: a guitar covers part of the piano keyboard and bass another section etc. but piano covers the most range that i know of).

it plays both chords and melody - simultaneously, even. [harmonica - just chords / clarinet - just single notes / violin - only "implied" chords (a true chord is a triad...three notes, but because of the way the strings of a violin are arched, it's impossible to play more than two notes at a time - so you play the two and add the third note a bit afterwards - not an actual chord, but an "implied" chord)]

so, piano covers the most ground as far as i can tell. the only thing i can think of that it doesn't do is.....bend notes / vibrato.

as a side note, have you ever heard that Billy Joel can play so hard that he used to break PIANO strings on the regular ? that's what he said.
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