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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
You know, I smell a rat here, Stan. You keep telling us how you've been a professional jazz musician for over thirty years, which means, I take it, that in all that time you've not had to rely on a day job to pay your rent and bills. If that's the case then you're one of the success stories in jazz music. Don't you know that?

In my life I've known great jazz musicians who had to drive taxis and work on landscaping crews to make ends meet. I've also known many, many players who had to play any kind of music except jazz to make a living, including myself.

You, however, are enjoying a career where you get to play the music you love, you're making a living at it, and you have drum and cymbal endorsements. Don't you know how many people would give anything to have your life? So why all this petty angst?

No angst Jay just trying to put across the idea of commitment which can and does lead to success I have learned. This can be everything from what you believe and willing to put into print to what you bring to the music and not being afraid to say what matters to you and what you believe in which has a different "attitude" at its heart.

Good point Bob and thanks. The situation with the national radio station here in Canada got worse when they decided to "dumb down" the regular jazz features to ultra easy listening smooth "jazz" last year. So yes my personal gripe on the subject has shown its ugly head with good least in my opinion.

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