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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
OK Stan, You or I think that a musical performer of performer sucks.
That is still only our opinion. Other people may like it!
There is no reason for us to be angry!
There will always be people that like the music that you like.
If Kenny G gave up music tomorrow and his music was banned it wouldn't make any difference.
It wouldn't make more people flock to Real Jazz.
Real Jazz isn't as pop as other forms of music today. You and I can't change that!
Forcing people to listen to something that they don't appreciate will not change their minds.

That's not my point at all Bob. If people only get to be subjected to the lowest quality bland tasting fast food available in general at the store how are they to know what a better quality of food taste like if it gets further and further removed out of the general available mix to choose from or get exposed to?

My point is valid even if it comes across rather harsh.......

By the way i'll keep doing what i'm doing regardless which is by personal "attitude" and "choice" towards the pure love of the music that is important to me which is important to remember. I'm long over trying to preach to get converts at this stage of the game but will still stand up for what I know is right and wrong.

Freedom of choice.......which also means exposure to stuff off the beaten track in my view which is more and more getting marginalized in today's society.

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