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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

Ok, Kenny's lowered the jazz bar. Big deal.

Kenny's contribution wasn't even in the jazz bar/arena ballpark by any stretch of the imagination which is the WHOLE crux of the issue to begin with.... LOL!

Playing the music I love and ignoring the banter and social chaos applied to understanding this music is alot more fun in the long run... no pecking order intended over others folks.......just a personal set of guidelines to live {and play music} by.

Let's all sing a happy tune together that everything is just fine without differentiation without question on even ground...... god help us the way the world is going. At least I can have the satisfaction of knowing when i'll be dead I won't have to be around to see that the general population having no clue what is art is anymore and quality in general the way the bar is heading in present times. The defining line between truly good and truly bad is getting more and more murky and clouded as I sit and in front of the computer at present or turn on the TV.. American Idol anyone!

Call me a snob if you wish for stating my firm case and opinion I could care less, at least my sense of reason and set of ears will still be intact till the end..... if it sucks who cares is the credo of the day the way things are heading......


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