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Default Re: New 2010 Gretsch Catalina Birch Review

Originally Posted by Genius Switch View Post
Hey I just joined this forum because somebody on the Pearl Forums mentioned you bought this kit and I am very interested in buying one in the same color myself. My concern is, based on your photos, that the fade looks kind of washed-out in the middle portion. Additionally, I'm wondering how obvious the fade is without being under bright lights (or your camera's flash).

Is there any way you could post some photos of that kit, or at least one drum, in natural daylight without the flash?

Congrats on those drums though! I owned a set of first-generation Catalina Birch drums from a few years back. Mine was Caribbean Blue with clear Gretsch heads on the toms, and from my research had 6-ply shells with the 45 degree edges. One of my biggest regrets was taking them back to Guitar Center because, at the time, I was still trying to pay off a custom DW I had ordered the previous year.

Those Catalinas remain as the best sounding kit I've ever owned. I would buy that kit back in a heartbeat. I'm hoping these new Catalinas sound as good, hopefully better, than my first-gen kit.

Good luck and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thanks! I wish I'd have more time to play them, but right now I'm in the middle of dry walling the 3rd floor of my house...and I need to have it done by Monday when the carpet installers show up.

I will try to get an outdoors pic up here for you by the weekend. My camera is kinda spastic at times in regards to the flash. I actually really like the subtlety of the fade, much more so than a multiple color fade. Out of the current pics up there right now, I'd have to say the very first one is the most true to the actual finish, wheras the pic looking down on the kick drum is "flashified" I
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