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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

To me the way to handle this situation is simple. Write a musical missile directed at Kenny G with lyrics that express the depth of his.... wrongness, misguidedness, or whatever.
This serves a few purposes. It gives the offended a real way to express their views on the subject. It also would send a message to the general public just what it is that Kenny G did to offend the dyed in the wool jazz enthusiasts. It gives the offended power in that it's obvious that they're not going to sit back and take Kenny G's desecration of an icon.

Music is about expression, right? What better impetus is there for writing a scathing rebuttal than being PO'd at someone?
A really juicy song should reach more people than a soundbyte from a newsclip (or wherever Pat M's clip came from) It could turn out to be something far better than merely calling foul.
I think this would not only raise awareness among the general public, it might actually make some money for the writer. (nothing wrong with that) A win win. Write a great attack song, it might even go down in history like Johns Lennon's song to Paul McCartney, "How Do You Sleep" or Skynyrds public dissing of Neil Young in "Sweet Home Alabama". Kenny G gets publicly taken to task for his misguided actions, and the people who were offended get a safe way to vent their frustration and perhaps educate people who need it. Anyone disagree?
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