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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

As I stated before,

Kenny G stated at the time,"...I didn't want to spoil the original. I said, 'Whatever we do, if we're not going to make it better, let's throw it away and we won't do it.' So (Foster) guaranteed that it would be better, and I hope that we did a good job on it."[18] Some columnists countered the criticisms suggesting such a recording would bring classic jazz to a wider audience.[19]

So whether it was crass or not can also be debated since Kenny G did have feelings about the recording before it was done. And I don't think Kenny G ever said he was a Jazz musician. He got dropped there because what he plays didn't have a named genre at the time. And I'm sure Pat donated all of his money to charity that he made recording some "smooth jazz" songs.
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