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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Originally Posted by JT1 View Post
Ok I disagree with the originality thing as he recruits guest musicians for every album and creates music that takes you to a different world well for me but that's why I asked your opinion that's cool =).

On Meg being a puppet I really honestly believe most other drummers could do what Meg does and I really think that yeah she has discipline to hold back but I also think that she doesn't need the discipline because she is so very limited technically. And I get it I really do, I love some of the songs that The White Stripes produce and I think she is perfect for the band, you introduced me to Icky Thump and I think it's really damn good. But I really think that people are trying to make her sound far better than she actually is.

So to quote you Polly we will have to agree to disagree =).

I can say one thing, she has superb balance, because I don't think I could sit on a throne that high without falling off (0:40),
I've heard a lotta of off-the-wall stuff, JT, and none of the musical devices in that Ayreon vid were things I haven't heard before. They were aiming high so I judge by those standards.

I don't know why so many people think that what Meg plays is all that she can play. Very few drummers get the chance to show off their whole range. Obviously she's limited and sounds clunky in some songs, but for the most part she executes far more solidly than a lot of neighbourhood drummers who, instead of noodling sloppily, could do well to learn to play ostinatos to Meg's level.

I'm sure she could add simple fills here and there if she wanted to (or was allowed to?). She rides with quarter notes whether the tempo is slow or fast. Take that link you posted ... she could play fills in that slow tune but that's not her role (but yeah, she rides high!).

I doubt many other drummers would be able to behave themselves well enough to make WS music work. After a few songs I'd be pleading "Jaaack, PLEASE can I do this fill here ... please please please". A lot of us would and that would just screw it up. Extra notes in that music would probably lead to less expressiveness. It makes sense to have a drummer who can execute what's required without getting bored and disappearing off into Noodle Land.

I don't want to make out she's a hot drummer but I like the concept - super simple, super clean, great drum kit sound. No one's ever taken rock drumming minimalism to that level and the WS show us just how deep the rabbit hole goes. I love the space she leaves in which the music can happen but I'm an 1/8th note ticker from way back and I'm not sure I could feel comfortable trying to groove with all those yawning voids.

Here's another great little WS tune:
Polly's rhythms

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