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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
JT, if Meg's a puppet, bear in mind that a lot of drummers, even "good" ones, wouldn't be capable of helping Jack realise his musical ideas so well. Meg needs openness, discipline, solidity, flexibility, selflessness and the intelligence to understand his ideas to do what she does. It's harder than it looks.

As for the Ayreon track, it was very well done but I felt that, for such an ambitious work, there was nothing new and the male singer's mannered delivery was irritating. If I was going to listen to a heavy opus I'd probably go for something that took itself less seriously and had less of an AOR angle like Todd Rundgren's Singring and the Glass Guitar or Uncle Frank's Joe's Garage (was that the Central Scrutiniser I heard on Pt 3 of the Ayreon track? :)

Not knocking it. If I was on a desert island with only Ayreon that would be ok with me; it's cool music. But I'm not about to become an Ayreon fan or a metalhead because there's so much other music I'd rather listen to. Having said that, BassDriver recently posted a link to Tool's Reflection and it blew my mind. I dunno, there's no accounting for taste.
Ok I disagree with the originality thing as he recruits guest musicians for every album and creates music that takes you to a different world well for me but that's why I asked your opinion that's cool =).

On Meg being a puppet I really honestly believe most other drummers could do what Meg does and I really think that yeah she has discipline to hold back but I also think that she doesn't need the discipline because she is so very limited technically. And I get it I really do, I love some of the songs that The White Stripes produce and I think she is perfect for the band, you introduced me to Icky Thump and I think it's really damn good. But I really think that people are trying to make her sound far better than she actually is.

So to quote you Polly we will have to agree to disagree =).

I can say one thing, she has superb balance, because I don't think I could sit on a throne that high without falling off (0:40),
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