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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Pol, perhaps because the true inheritors/spokespeople for legacies of any body of work, in a larger sense are not family or estate but the profession or the community.. artistic, scientific whatever.

I wonder if this pot boiled over because KG 'masqueraded' as a jazz player ( and as someone said now finds a permanent place in the jazz shelves ) which upset a lot of community sensibilities.

Wierd Al doesn't pretend to be anything other than a 'spoofist' ( if thats a word ), and a damn good one, Yani is just Yani- defies all categories, and .. and so on..there's no pretence.
True, there are various interested parties but to dismiss the wishes of the estate as irrelevant - which speaks for the man himself - seems a bit weird. Surely it's better to look at a situation with both eyes open?

Louie's estate's wishes are clearly in conflict with that of other stakeholders, ie. the jazz community. The fact is they could have said no but they didn't. Why? I think that's important.

What KG did is not the same as scribbling on the Mona Lisa because the original remains intact, although it could be said that perceptions of the wider community have been defaced. Certainly the jazz community is not going to change their views on Satchmo based on KG's overdubs.

I have no view myself ... the song was sickly sweet to start with and KG's soprano additions just added extra sugar.

So what does the wider community have to say about MG's overdubs? Check out the on the YouTube - a few obvious jazz fans but the word "beautiful" is bandied around a lot. The taste of the wider community is bloody tragic at times lol. Still these are the critters we hope to make happy with our music unless we only care about insiders.

Also, it doesn't matter what Kenny or anyone else says, if his CDs appear in the jazz section of stores then that's where his fans look for him. He plays music that shares some features with jazz.

A more interesting question would be: What is closer to jazz? Kenny G's Song Bird or Jimi Hendrix's Stone Free? Sonically you'd have to go with Kenny but Jimi's music was closer to jazz in spirit IMO. Thing is, for the general public sonics is the clincher. You can't fight city hall. You can rail against but it makes no difference.
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