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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Okay, I'll bite. Please tell me what you think of Dave Grohl. Is he a hack? Has he contributed anything to the world of drumming? Here's another that'll probably get me in trouble since I've only ever checked him out on YouTube, but how about Travis Barker? (I actually kind of like him). Stewart Copeland? Neil Peart? (hey, you're both Canadian, I suspect you'll stick up for a fellow countryman). How about our own Derek Roddy? And you gotta like John Bonham, right? Everyone loves Bonham (okay, that one was easy). How about... oh, I know: Lars Ulrich (hint: this is a trick question).

Don't hold back! In fact, maybe you should PM me your answers if you don't want to talk smack about anyone in an open forum, I'd understand that. I really am curious.
No problem.... many where early influences and the newer guys I have all checked out and followed to some degree or another...but later.... not tonight.

In return you can promise me you'll keep a open mind when it comes to jazz music and jazz drummers {past and present} right? Agreed?

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