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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
JP, I am much older than you and no doubt have listened far more broadly than you have. So if you spent more time trying to unlock the reason why some very simple music is highly effective artistically perhaps you would understand it more? :-P

However, we have visceral responses to music that is too often underestimated. I have heard enough death metal to know that it has precious few of the qualities I seek in music. I would suggest the same with you and catchy poprock. There is a reson why I know of no middle aged women who are keen on death metal. To us it feels like an assault.

I see death metal and its derivatives as being the musical equivalent to slasher films, which I also find ugly.

But I'm not all about beauty and tra la la sweetness. I am fine with musical ugliness if I see strong elements of originality, lyrical quality, strong mood creation, interesting timbres, enjoyale grooves, dynamic variation and content/form synergies. I see few of those qualities in modern metal. Tool are the exception - great band. RATM can be enjoyable too because they groove, even if they don't have a lot of different grooves.
I don't really have to try to get myself exposed to simple catchy pop stuff, it's everywhere. I wouldn't say death metal is the same. You'd had to give it a try every day for 30 years for it to really be on the same level than what we hear on the radio. So that's where friends come in to the picture. If you hang out all the time with metal heads you'll become one yourself too. That was my point.

But yeah, I'm not saying eveeryone has to like metal. I don't listen to it that much either these days. It has such a limited range of emotions going, just different shades of negative emotions. But there's much more to life than that. But when I'm angry some Strapping Young Lad always helps me out of it. =)
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