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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you to task on that: I didn't add or remove any of your words from your post - I added my own in parenthesis and changed the color to make it clear who's words were whose - there was NO manipulation of your words. Please at least use honesty when rebutting my comments.

I'm not surprised that you were unwilling to respond to my questions. I think they're somehow threatening to you.

Not with anyone in particular, but there are some notions from the old guard about what music in general, and drumming in particular, should and shouldn't be that I find repressive and obnoxious. Usually I try to find a respectful way to challenge or question those notions. But like anyone else, sometimes I get annoyed.

Let me say something very sincerely:
I'm going to take off my "rock" drummer hat for a second and just say that I'm simply a drummer. I like a lot of different drummers. I like a lot of different jazz drummers. I could rattle off a list of jazz drummers that I like and could tell you why I liked them. There are also jazz drummers that I don't care for.

The point is - I don't see a lot of jazz drummers with any curiosity or much respect for the things that rock drummers do - unless they're jazz drummers playing in a rock situation, like Steve Smith or Mitch Mitchell, for example.

I would be very surprised if you could name me 10 rock drummers with a basic description of their styles and what you liked about them.

I find that a little off-putting, it's true. If I have an axe to grind, then that's it right there.

You'd be very surprised indeed what I know about music and drummers on a much larger scale after 42 years of being a drummer. I was a pro level rock drummer working with bands when I was 17 by the way as just one mere example to pass along. Just did a stint at the Olympics with a percussion ensemble project with a ensemble from France that was not jazz at all. I've got a wide knowledge base and have and continue to cover alot of ground musically speaking. Try me...want to talk about Scottish or Swiss Basel rudimental drumming in detail or the finer workings of great rock drummers, African tribal drumming, Gamalan music, classical music etc... etc... purist card be damned.

I'm not threatened by you trust me I only get put off debating with certain people I feel who've already have made up their mind what the answer is most times with jazz and jazz players in question even before the question is even asked. Why waste my time yet again...

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