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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Like others you're still missing the point, Doc. How can it be "desecration" or an unfitting "tribute to the dead" if Satchmo's estate gave KG the go-ahead? Why are people, especially Pat M, silent on the most important aspect of the "controversy"?
I like the original and do think that adding Kenny G spoiled it by trying to gratuitously pull the heart-strings and fashioning it into some Hallmark moment. However, I'm not convinced that that was the intent - that there was anything necessarily unsavory or sinister about the whole affair.

But I agree with you, Polly, that the main point isn't so much that is was sacrilege, because it was clearly authorized by the Armstrong estate, and likely was seen as a fitting tribute by them.

But I'm not so protective like that, anyway. Just look at how many hip hop artists have sampled Bonham over the years - probably more than all other drummers combined, and I usually think it's pretty cool. I haven't ever heard any rock drummers getting worked up about that. Maybe we rock guys & gals play by a different set of "rules", if any.

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
I must chime in again....

No I didn't miss the point and that point being for me it just plain SUCKS and is mediocre that being THE bottom line from a musical {if you can call it that - I would, despite that I didn't care for it} standpoint IMO.

Strangelove nailed it.... pure sacrilege on several levels and I don't really care WHO approved of this abomination on Armstrong one bit...still doesn't make it RIGHT (doesn't make it WRONG, though, does it?) in the long run (how 'bout the short run?) anyway you look at it, neither does speculating and manipulating the story behind to make it so in my view.

Carry on.......YES, SIR!
I too think that Strangelove nailed it with this:
Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
However, my point on Metheny's critique ... only reminded me how jazz guys are so strict in what they define as their music that I think they bind themselves into completely choking it off as a living form. Everything in this world evolves and changes ...
Choking it off as a living form... Wow. That's powerful stuff.

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