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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
I am with you on the desecration of that song by KG. I was joking about the beating and whipping, but dead serious on the sacriledge. And I realize there was no wind instruments on it as recorded, so KG would have added that. I just don't think a musician of his caliber is worthy of contributing to even a pop standard by Satchmo. It would be like Madonna adding to an old Billie Holiday song - just not right, and not a good tribute to the dead.
Like others you're still missing the point, Doc. How can it be "desecration" or an unfitting "tribute to the dead" if Satchmo's estate gave KG the go-ahead? Why are people, especially Pat M, silent on the most important aspect of the "controversy"?

It's too easy to play cynical and ascribe the very worst of human nature to those in charge of Satchmo's estate ("oh, they only wanted the dollars") but it would be highly presumptuous. They might have been hugely chuffed that a bestselling modern musician wanted to bring their patriarch's memory to the forefront. Ever thought of that?

None of us know this, but to throw the whole thing on KG as though he did it all by himself with no input from Louis's nearest and dearest is clearly driven more by emotion than logic.
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