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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Its all about the music and the musicians who have made serious contributions for some of us folks on the subject of jazz. You can be both liberal, open minded but still have the edit/filter button in place to seperate the truly bad from the truly good in life without being a complete wallflower instead having a firm opinion as far as i'm concerned on the subject at hand. If its crap its crap and has no content that follows a jazz path or conceptual jazz framework/concept laid out in front of it or being based on sorry its not the real "deal". No amount of debate will make it right in my books. KG is just average commercial pop music sax player with a much better slick marketing team and record label behind him...honest truth

Pretty logical, simple and not complicated at all for this jazz musician to follow and understand.

When you want to blur the {musical} waters to accept everything "as is" and on equal ground without question you run into problems having no clue what is going on musically speaking period at the end of the day life has taught me.

You have to have conviction and a true understanding of what your opinions are on what you're standing for both as a listener and player equally alike for success either in the debating arena or on the bandstand or the end product lacks having a real firm backbone {substance} as a result from where I stand.
I am with you on the desecration of that song by KG. I was joking about the beating and whipping, but dead serious on the sacriledge. And I realize there was no wind instruments on it as recorded, so KG would have added that. I just don't think a musician of his caliber is worthy of contributing to even a pop standard by Satchmo. It would be like Madonna adding to an old Billie Holiday song - just not right, and not a good tribute to the dead.

However, my point on Metheny's critique was that the standards that he used involved strict jazz scales and not bleeding into blues styles, which only reminded me how jazz guys are so strict in what they define as their music that I think they bind themselves into completely choking it off as a living form. Everything in this world evolves and changes constantly and alot of delta jazz guys float around between jazz, blues, zydeco, creole, etc. I don't think any of the originals wrote some book that said "thou shallt only play with Acoustic Basses, Vintage Kerope Zildjians, and 4 piece drumsets, and only in pentatonic scales". These concepts have been all picked up over the years by the afficiandos themselves, including such concepts that Chic Corea is a blasphemist that should die in a muslim beheading ritual.
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