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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

So what are we saying about the decision of Satchmo's estate to give Kenny their blessings? Not hearing much about that - which is the key to this whole thing.

I checked out a thread on this in AllAboutJazz last night. The level of hostility and invective was remarkably immature IMO. To be fair, a decent-sized minority also found the level of bile inappropriate. One asked what religion Pat was defending. A few mentioned that their wives were very keen on Kenny G. A couple of them were dragged unwillingly along to gigs and were surprised by the excellent sound quality and musicianship of the band.

It seems to me that, behind all this hostility is embarrassment. Jazzers who like playing edgy music hate the idea that when they mention that they play jazz, many people immediately think of them as playing saccharine music like Kenny G. He's bringing down the neighbourhood in their eyes. Fair enough. No one wants to feel misrepresented.

However, the horse has bolted. The fact is that people are going to look for Kenny in the jazz section of the CD shop so that's where his CDs go. There is only one effective counter - for prominent jazz players to come up with great music that is accessible enough to appeal broadly. Weather Report did their bit with Birdland. Any other takers?
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