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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post I the only one who thinks jazz has an accessibility issue? ...and X isn't a real jazz muso but Y is....on one hand I'm told that jazz is a broad church and on the other, I see rigid boundries set in stone. ...What is jazz? What is "real" jazz? I'd love it if someone could answer that. can anyone state that the material of a certain artist isn't real jazz.[?]

I also hear jazz musos stating that jazz is reducing in popularity. Does the forum think that just might be due to vociferous defence of the pure form coupled with identity confusion?
I think these are exactly the right questions to be asking here. I was thinking along the same lines already before I got to your post, but I'm very glad you beat me to it - because you so eloquently pointed to the thorny crux of the matter. What is jazz, and who get to lay claim to it?

I have my own ideas on this that will keep me up tonight. I may in fact skip the sleep altogether to take a shot at it - won't be the first time this damn forum has done it to me! As many of you already know, I'm not a fan of (most) jazz, but I fully maintain an appreciation for the fine drumming that often accompanies it, so I usually only listen to it in tolerable chunks. This is only to say that I think I am well qualified to give you an outsiders view of what ails it.

In the meantime, would one of you jazz players PLEASE take a stab at it?

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