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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
And I'm pretty sure that Kenny G got permission from the Armstrong estate to use the recording of "Wonderful World."
Here is the crux of the issue. There is no way KG would have been able to do this without the estate's permission.

So, before talking about Kenny G, we need to look at Satchmo's estate. They could have said no. Or perhaps some people have no respect for Satchmo's family's wishes?

Could it be that Satchmo's descendents were delighted that a modern popular musician would be interested enough in their patriarch and saw it as a way to keep his legacy alive? Or could it be that they rubbed their hands with an evil laugh like Mr Burns and waited for the dollars to roll in? Who knows?

Some of us pretend to know, ascribing cynical motives to KG, his producers etc but in truth they have no clue.

For the record, even someone with a username of Pollyanna but finds Wonderful World to be overly saccharine, with or without KG's noodles. Give me Mack the Knife any day.
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