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Originally Posted by JPW View Post
You have got some nice practice hours there mate. =P You have to tell me someday how you manage to stay focused (and not give up) all that time. I have really hard time focusing more than 3 hours in a row and more than 5-6hours a day. Do you find it gets easier the more you do it? I don't know if my ability to focus has really changed that much over the years. I hope I could practice that much. I have the time but my brain fails me. =/
ahh. well i don't simply play non-stop. if i spend an hour on one style for example, then i will play for about 50 minutes, and take a 10 minute break in the middle. or take a couple of 5 minute breaks. i could never play for this amount of hours non-stop all the way through. if anything it is the breaks which are the most important parts of the puzzle, because i will sit down with my pad and try to memorize what i've been doing for the past 30 minutes.

i'm not sure if it has gotten easier due to repetition (i'm sure it has though), but lately i have cut out all video games etc. so i really have nothing to distract me, other than drummerworld/myspace/facebook! haha :-)

my brain really used to fail me too so i know where you're coming from. that said i did used to watch a lot of TV etc. since i cut them out of my life my concentration has increased a lot.
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